About Us

About UTItreatment.com

UTItreatment.com provides safe, effective and affordable diagnoses and antibiotic prescriptions for women with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs). Our physicians have designed a simple online questionnaire used to aid in diagnosing uncomplicated UTIs. Using our service, women are now able to get prescription antibiotics for UTIs online and by phone without having to to a doctor’s office and without long waits or expensive healthcare costs.

We have a national panel of qualified physicians who are able to diagnose and and prescribe treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infections. Our physicians see a great opportunity to empower women by providing a convenient alternative for women with uncomplicated UTIs. UTItreatment.com brings together modern technology and sound medical principles to help change how healthcare services are distributed in the future for the better.

Mission Statement

UTItreatment.com's mission is to provide safe, convenient and affordable treatment to women experiencing uncomplicated urinary tract infections without requiring an office visit to a healthcare provider. Our physicians are available 7 days a week to diagnose uncomplicated UTIs and provide prescriptions for UTI antibiotics online and over the phone.

All requests for review and treatment are subject to approval and authorization by a physician in accordance with each state's laws.

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