UTI General Information

UTI Treatment

Do I need to see a doctor for a UTI?

Many medical studies have determined that most urinary tract infections (UTIs) can be diagnosed by answering a series of specific questions approved by a physician about your UTI symptoms and medical history. This diagnosis method has the same 95% success rate as the urinalysis method used during doctor and hospital visits.

What is the best treatment for a UTI?

There are many ways to mask and lessen your symptoms, but a prescription for antibiotics is the only way to kill off the bacteria causing your UTI and to cure the infection. Treating your symptoms with home or over- the-counter remedies may rid you of some of the discomfort, but they will not destroy the bacteria that cause UTIs. At UTItreatment.com, our physicians have developed a questionnaire to safely and effectively diagnose your UTI without the need for a visit to a doctor's office. If your questionnaire generates a positive UTI diagnosis, our physicians will prescribe the necessary antibiotics for you. The first step to treatment is to Start your diagnosis.

What is the UTItreatment.com treatment method?

At UTItreatment.com, one of our physicians will provide you with a customized treatment plan once they have confirmed that you have an uncomplicated urinary tract infection. The treatment plan will contain your necessary prescription, treatment recommendations for your pain or discomfort and prevention methods to help avoid recurring UTIs.